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Your ShortCut Into The Digital World

Web Rentor is a web design and development company in Singapore that engages in website rental. The company was founded in 2019 to help SMEs and start ups in Singapore get online conveniently and in the most affordable manner.

Having a website is crucial now in this digital age. A professionally designed website will assist your company in building credibility and enable you to interact successfully with your target market. With website rental, you can have an online presence for a fraction of the cost.

All our websites are wordpress websites. Each site has been tailored to suit the niche business that the website was created for.

Cost Of Hiring A Web Development Company

Web Development Is Costly

Hiring an agency to build you a good website can cost more than $8,000. This excludes the additional monthly fees required to create content and optimised it for SEO. Website rental helps you save money.

Developing A Website yourself is time consuming

DIY Is Time Consuming

You need to invest time to learn how to build the website, design it, create content for it and continuously maintain it to prevent any downtimes. Time is money. Your time can be better used for advancing your business.

Having a social media page alone is not enough

Social Media Is Not Enough

Social media is just a channel for reaching out to your customers. A website should be the final destination where your customers complete quantifiable actions such as purchasing items and asking about your services.


Web Rentor was founded in March 2019.


To become Singapore’s leading website rental developer who provides business owners with the fastest and most economical means to having a strong online presence.


To provide businesses with a shortcut into the digital world.

A Satisfied Customer of Web Rentor

We Care About Your Website As Much As You Do!

Our website rentals possess everything that you would expect of a top ranking website - web design, search engine optimisation, hosting, content creation and more. All our sites are indexed on the major search engines and optimised based on your niche's keywords.

We are your one stop solution to having a strong digital presence quickly and at a low cost.

Our Founder

Web Rentor Founder

Reuben Chen

Reuben is a specialist in web development, search engine optimisation, content marketing, social media marketing and google analytics. He has honed his digital marketing skills with companies such as Crabtree & Evelyn, Best Electricity and Shaws Preschool.

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Looking to rent a website for your business but it is not listed under our available websites? Well, drop us a message and we'll see if we can make some special arrangements for you.

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